Morris Mayhem

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We're Not Lost

We're Not Lost
For those of you who thought maybe the Morris' dropped off the face of the earth, we didn't. As a perfectionist procrastinator, I needed the four months since my last blog to come up with exciting information to share, but since I found none, I'll just tell ya what's a been a happenin'! :)

Sick And Tired Of It
One highlight of the month is that we are getting over colds and the flu. That is always good news! This cold and flu is something I would not wish upon my enemies. I think it was the worst I have ever had. Isn't that encouraging?! It could be that I am just a big baby! We are hoping that that is the end of sickness this winter for the Morris household.

Really, November?!
I am often struck by how fast the year goes by. Here it is November already. I like November. I love Thanksgiving. I love the possibility of snow during this time. It is a good month. I will be 31 this month. Now, for me, that is hard to believe. I am still sort of stuck on the age of 25 or 26, at least in my mind. Now, I don't think 31 is old, but surely I have not reached that age yet. We celebrated my birthday party last Friday with my family. It was a good time (and would have been better had I been feeling better). There are not much for plans for my actual birthday. It's hard to plan when my husband hunts, and I have to compete for attention with the deer! Just kidding! (Brick did read this before I posted it, in case you are wondering.)

Back Up A Bit
In September and October, B-25 and Pidge played soccer. B-25 played last year and enjoyed it. He was pretty goofy, meaning he didn't pay much attention to what was going on. He did much better this year. It was fun to watch him play. Pidge said she wanted to play. However, that first practice was a bit of a battle in getting her out on the field. She cried. She said she didn't know what to do out there. Now, being the very supportive mother I am, I told her that since we paid for her to play, she was going to get out there and play! What sympathy! Well, once she got the hang of it, she loved it! She is actually a very good team player. It was fun to watch all those four and five year olds run after the soccer ball. It was a good time for both of them!

School has been going well for both B-25 and Pidge. B-25 goes in spurts where school is the best, and then it's the worst. He would like to stay home and play with his toys! However, at this point, he enjoys it and is doing well. He greatly enjoys math and does very well at it. The other subjects would be more enjoyable for him if they weren't so much work!:)
Pidge loves school pretty much all of the time. I think the social aspect is her favorite, but she does love to learn too.
With both of them going to school this year, it does pose a bit of a problem. All of the stuff that big brother thought he would get away with somehow has a way of coming out. Little sister lets Mom and Dad know pretty much everything. Poor B-25! There are no secrets if Pidge is nearby!
The other problem with them both at school is that Firecracker has no one to play with. He misses them! On some days, Firecracker follows
B-25 around the house wanting to play with his big brother.

From the Heart
God's creation amazes me. There have been some mornings that the sunrise has been positively breathtaking. One evening, the sun was an awesome glowing red as it was setting. Last Friday, on my birthday party day, it began to snow. I love snow! Now, almost every year it snows on my birthday, and I always consider this my birthday present from God. I stood looking out the window with tears running down my face. He was sending me my present! Maybe I'm a little crazy, but His creation is amazing. I often think about how He made me. I have no idea how anyone can believe that we evolved from other species, or that the world was created by a big bang. I am amazed at how He put each of us together. He only gave us two arms and hands, but we can use our leg to hold the door open when our hands are full! Cool! When I get a cut, I think it's awesome how the skin goes back together. What would it be like to never heal? Only a Master Creator with a Master plan could do such awesome things. It makes me smile just thinking about it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What say you?
It is true that I should blog more often. There has been much going on. However, if I blog too often I would run out of things to say, and that would defeat the whole purpose of the blog. Would it not? Anyway, enough with the excuses. I have some catching up to do!

We celebrated two birthdays in March. B-25 turned 7 and Brick turned the big 30. Now, I can loudly and boldly announce that Brick turned 30 since I ,the older and wiser of the marriage, turned the same age last November. :)
For B-25's birthday, we had the usual family gathering with food and cake, balloons and presents. A week later, he had a few friends over for another party. Why is it that a kid's birthday can last for up to two weeks? I suppose that as adults, we don't even want it to last the day! He had a good time, and we all survived. It is always good to see that most boys are goofy, not just mine.

This month was a bit of a rest time. I went to our church's ladies retreat which is always a blessing.

Mid-May we had a visit from Brick's parents from Michigan, Virginia, and wherever else their hearts desire and the camper goes. It was good to spend time with them. The kids are always excited to have Grandpa and Grandma around. Plus, Brick's dad has great knowledge in home projects. Our house is always in the project process, so it was nice to have his help in getting a few things checked off the To-Do list. I also learned how to play Mexican Canasta while they were here. If you've never played, you're missing out!

A busy month.
I love garage sales! But, since I go to so many, we finally had to have our own. About ten families had a part in it (or rather had items in it). It was the biggest garage sale we have ever had and probably the biggest we will ever have. My sisters and I got rid of all of our baby items, which was more than imaginable. Although the sale went well, there was still a lot left over. So, as is our tradition, we haul everything to my sister's house, 20 minutes away, and do it all over again. Sounds crazy? We are!

I have been told that as my kids get older, I will get busier. Their schedules will pretty much dictate mine. The process may have already begun. School ended this month, glad to have B-25 home for the summer. However, five days after being home, it was time for summer school. Pidgie starts kindergarten next year, so we thought it a good idea to send her to a "1/2 day in the life of a kindergartener". B-25 was going to a class, as well. Two kids. Two classes. Two different starting times. Thankfully, same ending time. While summer school was starting so was Vacation Bible Time at my oldest sister's church. Mornings were spent at school while evenings were spent at church for that first week. The kids had a great time! Even Firecracker was able to enjoy Vacation Bible Time.

The end of the month begged for some vacation time. So we went camping. Now, not the rustic kind with tents, no showers, outhouses, etc. No, no, no! I am not a rustic kind of a girl. Plus, with three little kids, a bathroom nearby is always necessary. Some friends of ours let us use their camper for a few days at a campground. A camper with pretty much all of the conveniences of home. Now, that is camping! :) We had a relaxing time shopping, swimming, miniature golfing, eating. Firecracker loved the lake so much. When it was time to leave the water, he cried and cried. He was ready to head back in the direction of the lake. He knew right where to go, had we let him. We all enjoyed ourselves, and with all vacations, it's always good to get back home!

From the Heart
With all of the crazy running over the past months, it is easy to lose focus. I find myself complaining about how busy I am when really I should just be thankful for the opportunities each day holds. I am so thankful for God's working in my life. He has been reminding me often that life is not about me. It is about Him. When my sights are set on Him, I am better able to handle daily life. I have been attending some mini Bible studies at my church. It's focusing on a key word (like love) and diving into God's Word and other Bible-based sources to find the meaning and Scriptures to go along with it. It has truly been a blessing. At times it has even been overwhelming. For some studies, there is so much information that I almost give up because I don't know where to begin. I always just hope and pray that God will show me exactly what I need to know at this time in my life.

Monday, February 27, 2006

How do you get a name such as B-25? A great love for airplanes, specifically the B-25 Mitchell.
We had parent/teacher conferences for B-25 last Thursday night. He is doing very well in school. His penmanship and spelling has improved greatly. He has always liked math and continues to do well in that subject. However, I am very pleased that B-25 is doing so well with reading. He skipped a book level because he is doing so well. His desire to learn seems to be growing. B-25 is always asking what a number plus a number equals or how do you spell this word and that word. He is a thinker! His class is going on a field trip tomorrow, and I am going along to help. I am thankful for the time to be able to spend with him. He is growing up way too fast.
On Wednesday, B-25 will celebrate his 7th birthday. For his birthday, he is to take a treat to school. I asked him what kind of cupcakes he wanted. He said yellow cake. I asked him what he wanted for his family birthday party. He said yellow cake. I asked him what he wanted for his friend party. And, of course, the answer is YELLOW CAKE. We are going to be yellow-caked to death!! I thought that chocolate frosting would be good on them, but B-25 said no. I think he would prefer them without frosting. He did say Cool Whip would be okay on them. (Cool Whip is very popular in our house.) So, if you can't have chocolate, you might as well have Cool Whip!!
Last Wednesday, B-25 participated in a Pinewood Derby at church. He was very excited to get his car done upon bringing it home a couple of weeks previous. Of course, Brick did most of the work, but B-25 enjoyed painting his part of it. It was hard for me to stand there and watch the way he painted it. The perfectionist in me wanted to wipe all of the paint off and have him start over or do it myself. However, he did paint it to his liking, and I went down to the basement to let him do that. The night of the race, I wasn't sure how he would handle it if his car did not do well. He did win a couple of the races, but was not the overall champion. He was disappointed some but was also pleased that he beat a couple of the cars. It was a good opportunity to teach him about having a good attitude no matter what the outcome.

Morris Mayhem over and out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Love-ly Day
Of course the day is Valentine's, but it also belongs to Brick and I. We are celebrating our
9-year anniversary today. Hooray! I remember looking at older couples and wondering how they could be married 50 years when I wasn't even sure how we would make it to five. God's grace is sufficient, and I must say, I love Brick more each day!

This past weekend, we went and visited some friends of ours. It was a wonderful time! Their hospitality and generosity was truly a blessing. Their house was very nice yet simple. It made my house look like a 24 hour, 7-day a week flea market. After coming back home, I almost felt ashamed looking at all of the things we had laying about. Although much of it was given to us or bought at garage sales, it still made me stop and think that I need to simplify. God has truly blessed me and my family with much. However, it may be time to share these blessing with others by having a garage sale this summer. So, mark your calendars. It's time to simplify.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Here we are

Introductions, please.
Okay. So this is my first blog. Actually, I wasn't even sure what a blog was but here I am. I am a wife and mother of three, or shall I say four, as a husband is always the first child (ha, ha). Brick, the husband and dad. Doll, that's me, the wife and mom.
B-25 is son #1. Pidge is our daughter. Firecracker is son #2 and the baby of the family.
As this is my first time of doing the blog, I am at a loss for words ( which does not happen to me very often). So, stay tuned for more.